3D Product Animation

Provis Media is a 3d animation company with extensive product animation experience. From interactive product demos to animated visualizations, we create powerful visual experiences to better communicate your product's value.


We provide 3d product animation and real-time interactive product applications to improve engagement and enable sales teams. Our process and close communication make the experience painless and enjoyable. View our product animation reel or start the conversation.

“Your work on this project is fresh and exciting to the Horton community… we are already talking about future ideas.”
Michael M.
Recent Product Animation

The Inclusion Table

3d animation highlighting key features of a table designed to include everyone.
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Panter, Inc.

3d animation to showcase innovative luggage technology.
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SPX Flow

Detailed 3D product animation showing the product in operation.
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Horton WindShift App

Sales enablement app to showcase and configure their fans.
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Horton LCV

Animation for the LCV Fan Drives and LS Fans. Released in English and Mandarin.
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